The Way of Balance

At The JKA, We Put Immense Focus On The Proper Form And Balance Of Each Kihon , Or Basic Technique. Through Extensive Training, Our Instructors Have Rigorously, Scientific Analyzed And Separated Out Each Individual Movement In Each Individual Kata , And Developed An Unrivalled Spectrum Of Kihon Techniques. This Special Kihon , We Have Refined The Kata To Be More Applicable In Kumite . And In Turn, The Experience Accumulated Through Kumite Gives Feedback To Further Perfect One’S Kihon And Kata . In This Way Kihon ,Kata And Kumite Form The Inseparable Trinity Of JKA Karate. Through Constant Repetition Of Such Techniques, Your Body Learns To Move Effortlessly, Naturally. And Your Mind Learns To Be Effortless And Natural Too. JKA Karate Is The Way Of Balance.