JKA Asia Oceania Conference 2018, Bangkok.
Gasshuku 2017 Under Shiina Shihan, Kolkata, India
JKA 2nd Asia-Oceania Karate Championship Tournament 2019
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  • Training Schedule at HQ (7 months ago)
  • Every Monday 5pm to 7pm: Brown & Black Belts.Last Thursday of Every Month 3pm to 7pm: Instructor [...]


In JKAWF INDIA KOLKATA, we make sure that all our Members/Students register their name in JKA Tokyo and obtain ‘JKA Individual Membership Card’ and similarly all Brown & Black Belts obtain ‘JKA Passport’ too. All qualifications achieved here are globally recognised by the JKA. Our members enjoy the benefit of attending JKAWF INDIA KOLKATA’s annual events namely, JKA Kolkata Annual Karate Training Camp followed by JKA Dan Exam and other Qualification Exams viz. JKA Instructor Qualification, JKA Judge Qualification & JKA Examiner Qualification by top JKA instructors during Summer - April/May or/and during Winter - December/January; Biannual Championship; JKA International Tournaments; Global Courses by top JKA Masters, and the golden opportunity to train in the JKA Honbu (Headquarters) in Tokyo, Japan.

JKAWF INDIA KOLKATA being member of Karate Association of India (KAI), the WKF National Federation in India, Recognised by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports Government of India; our members are eligible to participate in the official all styles District, State and National Championships. Upon fulfilling the selection criteria members can represent India in AKF and WKF events too. All our JKA Black Belts are registered as Black Belts in the records of KAI too. The senior JKA-KAI black belts are eligible to qualify themselves as KAI - AKF Judge & Referee.


Provide each individual the direct membership with JKA Tokyo by providing JKA Individual Membership Card & Passport to all members.

Teach authentic JKA Karate, prepare the members for Official JKA Qualifications - Black Belt Dan Diploma, Instructor Qualification, Judge Qualification and Examiner Qualification.

Prepare JKAWF INDIA Kolkata TEAM to participate in global JKA events, Courses & Tournaments and bring laurels for the country.

Prepare JKAWF INDIA Kolkata members to participate and qualify for all styles events sanctioned by the National Federation, KAI.